Call for Papers

In today’s world of cutting-edge technologies, implementation of image processing techniques has become a crucial part for many tech organizations, regardless of their volume and field of operation. Acquisition of instant information has become possible because of the advancements taking place in the domain of the internet. Image processing is already being used by a diverse range of companies and it holds a huge potential of wide adoption in the future in production automation, agricultural landscape, Biomedical and other healthcare applications, Disaster management, etc. The challenges exist in the cognition and need for the automation are attracting the researchers towards the image processing. ICAIP2022, The Fifth International Conference on Advances in Image Processing, continues the inaugural event considering the challenges, and the goal of this conference is to bring together researchers and industry and form a forum for fruitful discussions, networking, and ideas.

  • COVID-19 and Imaging/新冠病毒成像
  • Acoustic Imaging/声学成像
  • Color Imaging/彩色成像
  • Computer Vision/计算机视觉
  • Image Security and Privacy Protection/图像安全与隐私保护
  • Digital Video/数字视频
  • Feature Extraction/特征提取
  • Holographic Imaging/全息成像
  • Image Acquisition Techniques/图像采集技术
  • Image and Pattern Analysis/图像和图案分析
  • Image Compression/图像压缩
  • Image Enhancement/图像增强
  • Multimedia Security/多媒体安全
  • Image Quality/画面质量
  • Image Retrieval/图像检索
  • Image Segmentation/图像分割
  • Mathematical Morphology/数学形态学
  • Intelligent Computing/智能计算
  • Blockchain and Applications/区块链及应用
  • Medical Imaging/医学影像
  • Multi-Spectral Imaging/多光谱成像
  • Pattern Recognition/模式识别
  • Remote Sensing/遥感
  • Mathematical Models and Data Analysis/数学模型及数据分析
  • Stereo Vision/立体视觉
  • Super Resolution/超级分辨率

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