Submission Guidelines

Please read the instructions carefully prior to submitting (投稿须知):

  • All submissions should be with a minimum paper length of Eight (8) and a maximum paper length of Ten (10) printed pages including figures without incurring additional page charges. Papers exceeding 20 pages will not be accepted at ICAIP 2024. (一篇文章投稿至少不能低于8页, 超出10页需要支付超页费, 超过20页的文章需删减内容, 否则不予接收。)
  • The conference language is in English so please prepare the abstract / full paper and the oral presentation in English.  (英语为大会唯一官方语言,大会仅接受英文投稿,会议现场报告也需为英文)
  • Full papers will be published in the conference proceedings.  If publication is not required, then we invite you to submit the abstract only. (若文章有出版需求,大会仅接受全文投稿。如果不需出版,仅参会做报告,可接受摘要投稿 。)
  • The version of your submission must be in the requested format. The authors are suggested to use the Conference template. Please follow the manuscript submission guideline to prepare your paper.
  • (投稿论文需满足会议格式要求, 请参阅官网文章格式要求, 点击 以下链接下载论文格式模板. )

Download Template(MS Word)|下载文章模板(MS Word) | Download Template(Latex)|下载文章模板(Latex)

Submission Method

  • Please upload your full paper or abstract to Easychair Submission System (.pdf). (请通过Easychair投稿系统提交您的全文或摘要投稿)

Easychair Submission System | ICAIP2024会议投稿入口


  • We seek original, unpublished work to move the scholarly conversation forward. Contributions may be rooted in or derived from prior work, but the submitted proposal must reflect significant development. Any proposal submitted that is judged to be identical or substantially similar to work already published, presented or under review for another conference or publication, might not be considered or be subject to exclusion at any time before the conference. ( 投稿论文需为原创高水平学术论文,并且无任何出版记录)